Idioms: an axe to grind -- anal retentive

an axe to grind a point to discuss or argue about Jason had an axe to grind at the meeting - job security.
an earful a lecture, a scolding, a bawling out If Mom catches you smoking, you'll get an earful.
an easy mark one who can easily be persuaded, a soft touch Ask Charlie for a loan. He's an easy mark.
an even keel good balance, stability We need a steady manager, one who can keep an even keel.
an eye for an eye (a tooth for a tooth) equal punishment or revenge Canadian laws do not demand an eye for an eye.
an offer I couldn't refuse an offer that contains a threat or force, a request that is a command The border guards invited me to stay for further questioning - it was an offer I couldn't refuse.
an old hand at a person with a lot of practice or experience Tom's an old hand at cribbage. He's played since he was a boy.
an old warhorse a veteran, an old soldier, a classic story or tune The band played marches and overtures - the old warhorses.
an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure prevent a problem so you don't have to solve it, a stitch in time... Forest fires deserve an ounce of prevention: public education in campfire safety.
anal retentive too concerned with detail, pedantic Amy is anal retentive. She writes down everything the teacher says.
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