Idioms: bat five hundred -- be off

bat five hundred hit half the times at bat, win half the competitions If you solve five problems out of ten, you're batting five hundred.
bat her eyes blink the eyes, blink in a sexy way Verna just stood there batting her eyes, trying to look sexy.
bated breath (See with bated breath)
battleaxe cranky woman, a bitch [B] Marlene - that old battleaxe - is spreading lies about me.
batty (See drive me batty)
bawl me out tell me I have been bad, scold me If I fail math, Dad will bawl me out. He'll give me a lecture.
be-all, end-all trying to be too great, world beater The new manager thinks he's the greatest - the be-all, end-all.
be my guest have this chair, have that drink, help yourself Be my guest. Sit here. I can find another chair.
be my undoing be the cause of my failure; my Achilles heel Credit cards may be my undoing. My VISA balance is over $5000!
be off leave, go, off with you Be off, my dear, or you'll be late for work.
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