Idioms: off the shelf -- off with you

off the shelf from the store shelf, run of the mill It isn't a special gift, just an off-the-shelf radio with batteries.
off the top of my head without thinking carefully, off the cuff Off the top of my head, I believe the US has 50 states.
off the wagon drinking again, drunk again He's off the wagon again. He started drinking last night.
off the wall unrelated, unusual, off topic His idea of selling time is really off the wall - quite strange.
off to a bad start not a good start, a poor beginning The class got off to a bad start because the teacher was sick.
off to a good start a successful beginning, away to the races Jim's off to a good start in math. He has the basic skills.
off to the races moving quickly ahead, off to a good start When we get our business loan, we'll be off to the races.
off topic not on the chosen topic, not related to the topic If you're writing about dogs, flowers are off topic.
off with remove clothing or a covering Off with your overcoat, Ben. Stay and visit awhile.
off with you leave, go, skidaddle Off with you, girl, or you'll be late for school.
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