Idioms: make a pitch -- make believe

make a pitch try to sell, try to persuade She handed him her resume and made a pitch for the job.
make a point of remember to do, act with a purpose, make sure Uma made a point of telling me about the meeting. She wants us to come.
make a scene complain too loud, kick up a fuss If she doesn't let Denis ride in the shopping cart, he makes a scene.
make a silk purse... (See you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear)
make a splash advertise with style, open with balloons and prizes When Tom opened his Toyota dealership, he made quite a splash.
make advances try to kiss or touch, come onto, get fresh "If he doesn't make advances, should I?" Shelly asked.
make amends apologize to someone you have hurt, make up for What can I do to make amends for opening her personal mail?
make an entrance enter with style, enter with a flourish When the duchess attends an event she likes to make an entrance.
make an offer offer money to buy; write what you will pay for something "Your price is too high." "Well, make an offer. What do you think the car is worth?"
make believe imagine, pretend, make up "Let's make believe we are baby elephants," I said to the children.
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