Idioms: moneybags -- moonshine

moneybags rich person, loaded person We used to call him moneybags. He always had money on him.
monkey business nonsense, foolishness, funny stuff I've had enough of your monkey business. No more foolishness.
monkey off my back (See get this monkey off my back)
monkey's uncle (See I'll be a monkey's uncle)
monkeywrenching trying to ruin a project, sabotaging, throw a monkey wrench into... The members of Green Peace were accused of monkeywrenching the whale hunt. They tried to stop it.
month of Sundays (See a month of Sundays)
moola money, cash, scratch Without moola, we can't travel. We need money for air fare.
moon them show them a bare bum, show your bare buttocks They booed him for dropping the ball, so he mooned them.
moonlighting working at a second job in the evening Bernie is very tired these days because he's moonlighting.
moonshine homemade liquor, hooch, screech Art invited us over to taste his moonshine - homemade wine.
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