Idioms: tear a strip off -- tell him a thing or two

tear a strip off scold, lecture, criticize, give you hell [B] Kasan's father tore a strip off him for missing a day of school.
tear around go fast, run here and there, drive around When Ty was young, he liked to tear around town in his car.
tear me apart criticize me or my work, find all my faults If you waste tax dollars, the voters will tear you apart.
tearjerker a sad story, a story or song that causes tears, move you to tears Have you seen For Whom The Bell Tolls? It's sad - a real tearjerker!
teed off upset, cross, ticked off She was teed off about the errors in the balance sheet.
teed up ready to operate, ready to use "Is your presentation ready?" "Yes. All teed up, ready to go."
teeny-weeny very small, tiny, itsy-bitsy Look at its teeny-weeny tail! It's so cute!
tell a soul (See won't tell a soul)
tell all tell everything you know, pour out your soul In a job interview, I answer their questions, but I don't tell all.
tell him a thing or two tell him he caused a problem, tell him off If Sid took my keys, I'm going to tell him a thing or two.
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