Idioms: take advantage of -- take chances

take advantage of act at the best time, seize the opportunity I took advantage of the low price of gasoline. I bought 500 litres.
take advantage of hurt or abuse someone who trusts you I feel very angry toward people who take advantage of children.
take after have similar traits, have the same personality Kyle is calm; he takes after me. Kris is active, just like his dad.
take after chase, try to catch If he catches the football, you take after him as fast as you can.
take by storm rush in, win by force, overwhelm The Vikings landed on the beach and took the village by storm.
take calls answer the phone, receive calls Karen isn't taking calls because she's in a meeting.
take care be careful Take care. See you tomorrow.
take care of care for someone or something, look after I'll take care of Taea while you go shopping. I'll stay with her.
take care of business do what needs to be done, do my job "You scored a beautiful goal!" "Just taking care of business."
take chances live dangerously, risk something valuable, play with fire Don't take chances with our savings. We worked hard to earn that money.
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