Idioms: test drive -- thanks a million

test drive drive to evaluate, try it out I test drove the new Harley on Saturday. What a bike!
test the water check people's feelings, take a poll Wilson always tests the water before he introduces a budget.
test your metal test your strength or will or skill, run the gauntlet If your team is losing by three runs, the bases are loaded, and you are the final batter - that will test your metal!
TGIF Thank Goodness It's Friday, I am glad it is the last day of work this week "Remember, we're going to a party tonight." "Yes! TGIF!"
thank goodness I am thankful or relieved, thank heavens Thank goodness you're here. We were worried about you.
Thank Goodness It's Friday (See TGIF)
thank heavens thank the gods, thank goodness When we phoned Mom, she said, "Thank heavens you're safe!"
thank your lucky stars (See you can thank your lucky stars)
thanks a bunch thanks very much, thanks a lot When I deliver the groceries, she says, "Thanks a bunch, Teddy."
thanks a million thanks very much, thanks a lot Thanks a million for all you've done for us. We do appreciate it.
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