Idioms: give it a rest -- give me a call

give it a rest do not say that anymore, stop complaining Give it a rest, eh. All you talk about is religion.
give it a whirl try to do something, try your hand at When I saw the others dancing, I decided to give it a whirl.
give it all you've got try very hard, do all you can When I say "push," give it all you've got.
give it the once-over look at it quickly, do a hasty job, a lick and a promise We drove by the house and gave it the once-over. It looks nice!
give it to him lecture him or hit him, tell him off If he touches me again, I'm really going to give it to him!
give it to me straight give me the facts, do not beat around the bush "I have some bad news, man." "Tell me. Give it to me straight."
give it your best shot do the best you can, try your hardest If you want to win, you have to give it your best shot.
give me a bad time tease me, bug me, give me a rough time (see give you a rough time) I wish you wouldn't give me a bad time about my low grades.
give me a break give me a chance to win, gimme a break When we play tennis, give me a break. Don't play your best.
give me a call phone me, ring me I'll give you a call when I have a minute. I have your number.
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