Idioms: tangle with -- team up

tangle with fight against, have a fight with I wouldn't want to tangle with Vince. He's strong - and mean!
tank a drunk, an alcoholic, lush, wino Percy - that tank! He drinks a case of beer every day.
tank (See in the tank)
tanked/tanked up drunk, polluted, sloshed, wasted After an evening at the tavern, the sailors were tanked.
tar with the same brush (See paint with the same brush)
taste of his own... (See give him a taste of his own medicine)
teach an old dog... (See you can't teach an old dog new tricks)
teach you the tricks of the trade teach you how to do it, teach you the easy way, learn the ropes Welcome to the company, Ken. Paul will work with you and teach you the tricks of the trade.
team player an employee who works well with other employees Team players - that's what we need in our company.
team up play together, form a team If you team up with Lana, we can play bridge, okay?
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