Idioms: talk it up -- tall tale

talk it up talk with enthusiasm, tell people about it If we want to build an arena, we have to talk it up with the people.
talk shop talk about jobs, talk about what we do at work I don't like to talk shop when we have visitors. It's too boring.
talk the leg off the lamb of God talk a lot; persuasively; have the gift of the gab Minerva was a talker. She could talk the leg off the lamb of God!
talk through your hat talk without logic, say unbelievable things, hot air If you tell Dad about building a house in outer space, he'll say you're talking through your hat.
talk to the hand I am not listening to you, I am not interested in your comment "But he hit me first!" "Talk to the hand."
talk turkey discuss a fair deal, negotiate seriously If the owner really wants to sell, he'll talk turkey.
talk your ear off talk too much, talk all the time Polly is only three years old, but she can talk your ear off.
talk your head off talk a lot, say too much You can talk your head off, but I won't change my opinion.
tall one (See a tall one)
tall tale a story that is partly true, an exaggerated story Fishermen love to tell tall tales. They lie a little, eh.
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