Idioms: strung out -- suck eggs

strung out ill or weak because of drug abuse, hungover When she's strung out on cocaine she won't talk to her family.
stubblejumper grain farmer, Saskatchewan folk My uncle is a stubblejumper. He owns a farm near Kuroki.
stuck on focused on, obsessed with Jack is stuck on Vicki, but she doesn't care about him.
stuff it put it away, forget it, shove it [B] I don't want her money. She can stuff it!
stumbling block obstacle, problem A strip of land is in the way of peace. It is the stumbling block.
stump me ask me a question I cannot answer, puzzle me The question on the names of the Great Lakes stumped me.
such a card quite a joker, such a clown Greg tells the funniest stories. He is such a card!
suck an immature person, wimp Chad, that suck! He tells his mother everything we say.
suck is a poor quality, is not acceptable, shabby You chose to cheat your friend? That sucks!
suck eggs go, leave, have a bad experience, up yours [B] When I told him not to swear, he said, "Go suck eggs, man."
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