Idioms: strictly for the birds -- strike your fancy

strictly for the birds (See for the birds)
strike a bargain find a satisfactory deal or price After discussing the price of the carpet, we struck a bargain: $15.
strike it rich earn or win a lot of money, find a gold mine People came to the Yukon hoping to find gold - to strike it rich.
strike me causes me to pause, impresses me What strikes me is the color of the leaves. They're crimson.
strike out (baseball) fail to hit the ball while at bat This time he'll hit the ball. Last time at bat he struck out.
strike out on your own leave home and support yourself, be independent I was eighteen when I struck out on my own and found a job.
strike up a conversation begin a conversation with a stranger Uncle Ho is sociable. He strikes up a conversation with anyone.
strike up the band begin conducting the band, give the downbeat Maestro, strike up the band. We want to hear some music.
strike while the iron is hot do it before it is too late, now is the time to act In business, timing is important. You strike while the iron is hot.
strike your fancy interest you, appeal to you, turn your crank Do you see anything on the menu that strikes your fancy? Lobster?
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