Idioms: bread and butter -- break and enter

bread and butter the main product, the source of profit We sell a variety of parts, but the oil filter is our bread and butter.
breadbasket stomach, belly The ball hit him just below his chest - right in the breadbasket.
breadbasket an area that produces grain, wheatbelt Saskatchewan is a major wheat producer: Canada's breadbasket.
break a habit stop doing a daily activity: drinking coffee, smoking Laurie can't seem to break her habit of writing on her hands.
break a leg good luck, have a good performance "Break a leg!" she whispered as he walked on the stage.
break a promise not do as you promised, go back on your word Trudy never breaks a promise. She is very dependable.
break a spell cause a spell to stop, not be under a spell I was captivated by her until she smoked. That broke the spell.
break a story be first to tell a story, be first to tell some news The London Times broke the story of Charles's confessions.
break a sweat begin to sweat or perspire, work up a sweat For exercise to be beneficial, the athlete must break a sweat.
break and enter break a lock or window to enter illegally, B&E They were charged with break and enter. They stole some cash.
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