Idioms: babe -- back on your feet

babe darling, honey, girlfriend "Hi, babe. Want to sit with me?" "Sure, honey. I'd love to."
babe in arms (See a babe in arms)
babe in the woods (See a babe in the woods)
baby blues feeling sad when you are pregnant After seven months, Karly had the baby blues. She was feeling sad.
baby boomer a person born during the decade after World War II Baby boomers will retire in the first decade of the 21st century.
back at it having returned to a past habit or occupation, at it again "I was so glad to hear George quit drinking." "Well, he's back at it."
back at ya I wish you the same as you wished me, ditto, same to you "Merry Christmas, Val." "Back at ya, Joe."
back down yield, not challenge, not stand up to Ole won't back down from you. He's ready to fight.
back off do not come closer, do not touch me Back off, you animal! Don't touch me!
back on your feet feeling better, recovered from an illness When you're back on your feet, we want you to return to work.
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