Idioms: spell disaster -- spike a drink

spell disaster cause an accident, lead to a tragedy An error in the design of a car could spell disaster for the driver.
spell out explain carefully, explain each word or step If I don't understand a question, I ask him to spell it out for me.
spell you off do your job for you, allow you to rest When you get tired of shoveling, I'll spell you off for awhile.
spend holidays do during your holidays, go for your holidays "How'd you spend your holidays?" "We drove to Texas and Tijuana."
spend time wait, hang out, put in time I spend a lot of time at her place. I'm there every day.
spending money extra money, money for fun, pin money Joe earns spending money by washing the neighbors' cars.
spice of life (See the spice of life)
spice up add spices or flavor, jazz up The chili tastes good, but let's spice it up a bit.
spiffy clean and tidy, groomed, tiddly Grandpa, your car looks real spiffy. Did you polish it?
spike a drink put alcohol in a drink of juice or pop or coffee Somebody must have spiked my drink. I feel quite dizzy.
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