Idioms: solid as the Rock of Gibraltar -- Sophie's choice

solid as the Rock of Gibraltar (See as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar)
some chick beautiful chick, great woman Gloria is some chick! Will you introduce me to her?
something borrowed, something blue two of the things required for a happy wedding and successful marriage The bride borrowed a blue garter, so she has something borrowed, something blue!
something is haywire something is wrong or broken, go haywire Something is haywire with my back. I can't move.
something is rotten... (See there's something rotten in the state of Denmark)
something smells something is wrong, something is not ethical, fishy, there's something rotten in the state of Denmark Something smells about this case. Why would the police blow up an oil well?
something snapped the brain broke, the mind failed Something snapped when he was in the war. Now he can't speak.
sometimes life is a bucket of shit and the handle is inside [B] sometimes life is very unpleasant, life is not all guns and roses The junk dealer had a poster on the wall of his shack: Sometimes life is a bucket of shit, and the handle's inside!
song and dance typical answer, old routine, cliché "I was late because I had a flat tire." "Don't give me that old song and dance!"
Sophie's choice choosing between your death and the death of your child He was facing a Sophie's choice: Lose his son or lose his own life.
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