Idioms: couldn't care less -- cover your ass [B]

couldn't care less could not care any less, do not care at all "Brad is seeing Debbie." "I know. And I couldn't care less."
count on depend on, rely on We can count on Tanya. She always comes to choir practice.
count your chickens before they hatch depend heavily on plans, spend money that you have not received Politicians have learned not to "count their chickens" before the election.
course you can you can do it, believe it, of course you can "I don't think I can learn this." "Course you can, son."
courseware computer program that teaches a course We sell courseware to schools all over North America.
courtesy of from, given by, donated by The doughnuts are courtesy of Harry's Bakery.
cover for me make an excuse for me, do my work I may be late for work today. Will you cover for me?
cover up hide it, sweep under the carpet He can't cover up his mistake because people know about it.
cover-up hiding something from the authorities or media The reporter heard about the cover-up of police brutality.
cover your ass [B] protect yourself by having documents signed etc. If you discipline or dismiss an employee, cover your ass.
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