Idioms: hard sell -- hardware

hard sell using much pressure to sell, trying hard to convince the customer to buy, soft sell He was giving us the hard sell. He almost forced us to sign the contract.
hard skill skill that can be measured, track record I think we should offer the position to Linda. Look at the hard skills listed on her resume!
hard stuff (See hard liquor)
hard times a time of poverty and drought and famine We endured hard times in the 1930s. We were all poor.
hard to believe not easy to believe, difficult to believe It's hard to believe that you're a grandfather. You look so young.
hard to get (See play hard to get)
hard to swallow hard to accept, hard to take She said, "He has custody of the children. It's hard to swallow."
hard to take difficult to tolerate, hard to swallow Her cruel words hurt me. Her sarcasm is hard to take.
hard up poor, unable to pay, in the poorhouse After the war, our family was so hard up we couldn't buy meat.
hardware computer machines and accessories The printer is an important part of your computer hardware.
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