Idioms: so small you had to back out to change your mind -- soft market

so small you had to back out to change your mind very small, tiny, as small as a phone booth I've seen small apartments, but this one was so small you had back out to change your mind.
so-so neither good nor bad, fair, fair to middling "How's the wife, Byron?" "Just so-so, not much better. The doctor says she needs rest."
so to speak using expressions or metaphors when speaking, to use the vernacular Ron was up the creek, so to speak. He'd promised to marry Suzy, but he was already married to Joan.
so what what is the difference, what does it matter, who cares So we lost the game. So what! It doesn't matter.
soap box (See get off your soap box)
sob story a sad story, a story about love lost or misfortune, cry the blues Have you heard Keiko's sob story? She lost her boyfriend and her cat on the same day.
sober up become sober, wait until you are not drunk Give him a few hours to sober up. He'll be okay after he has a rest.
sock it to me tell me, give it to me, hit me, shoot "It's bad news," he said. "Sock it to me," I said.
soft in the head foolish, crazy If you quit your job at Gulf Oil, you're soft in the head.
soft market a period when sales are few and prices are low, buyer's market The real estate market is soft now. Don't try to sell your house.
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