Idioms: take a load off your feet -- take a risk

take a load off your feet sit down, grab a chair, have a seat Jim pointed to a chair and said, "Take a load off your feet."
take a look look at, see that, take a boo Take a look at that pumpkin! It's monstrous!
take a pee [B] urinate, take a leak [B], take a whiz "Where can I take a pee?" she whispered to her friend.
take a picture photograph, take a picture In Regina, he took a picture of the statue of Louis Riel.
take a piss [B] urinate, take a leak [B], take a pee [B] A drunk was taking a piss in the alley behind the hotel.
take a poke at punch, hit with your fist First he pushed Tom, then he took a poke at me.
take a poke at say something negative in a humorous way The speaker took a poke at women who want everything men have.
take a poll record opinions, find out how people will vote Take a poll before the election so you can predict the winner.
take a powder leave quickly, flew the coop, take a hike "Where's Louis?" "He took a powder when he heard the sirens."
take a risk (See take risks)
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