Idioms: Mother Nature -- move it

Mother Nature nature, natural forces and causes Mother Nature provided the basic foods: wild vegetables and water.
motherfucker [B] a person you dislike, creep, scum That motherfucker! I'd like to kick his ass to kingdom come!
motherhood and apple pie statements about mom and home etc. The audience wants news and facts, not motherhood and apple pie.
motherlode the largest amount, the main supply, a shitload He played poker for six hours before he won the motherlode.
motormouth one who talks fast but says very little, disk jockey Listen to that motormouth! He talks fast but says nothing.
mount a comeback begin to score goals or points while losing, snatch victory from... Our soccer team was losing 4-1, but they mounted a comeback and won the game 5-4.
Mounties Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) The Mounties, Canada's police force, were once called Redcoats.
mousy worn and faded, shabby This shirt is kind of mousy, but I love to wear it.
mouth off tell a secret, talk about private information Why did you mouth off about the accident? I was going to tell Dad.
move it go, go faster, get going "Move it!" said the guard. "Get in your cell!"
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