Idioms: slow as molasses... -- small potatoes

slow as molasses... (See as slow as molasses in January)
slow day a day with few customers, a day with little activity We had another slow day at the theater - only six customers!
slow down go slower, ease up Please slow down for the bumps. You're driving too fast.
slowpoke a person who is working slower than the others I'm a slowpoke! I've done only one question; you've done six!
sluff off not do, avoid doing, procrastinate I've been sluffing off. I'm behind in my assignments.
slug away work slowly but steadily, plug away When we returned, Annie was still slugging away at her math.
slug of (See a slug)
smack dab in the middle directly in the middle, in the center The ball landed smack dab in the middle of the pizza.
smack of is similar to, shades of Even the phrase person of color smacks of racism. Don't use it.
small potatoes unimportant things, insignificant matters Don't worry about a few broken dishes. That's small potatoes.
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