Idioms: time flies when you're having fun -- time to time

time flies when you're having fun time goes quickly when you are playing, how time flies Ho looked at his watch, yawned and said, "Time flies when you're having fun, eh."
time is money time is valuable, time is equal to money Employers who pay hourly wages know that time is money.
time is of the essence it is important to work as quickly as possible, make hay while... When you're paying $75 an hour for a lawyer's services, time is of the essence.
time off days off work, holidays I've been working too hard. I think I need some time off.
time on your hands time to relax or do what you wish, time to kill If you have time on your hands, read the novel Fifth Business.
time out stop for a minute to discuss or plan We need a time out to look at the map. I think we're lost.
time ran out there was no more time allowed for the game etc. Time ran out before I could complete the exam.
time stands still everything seems to slow down or stop moving, slo mo When the towers went down, time stood still.
time to kill time to relax or rest, kill time We had some time to kill while the car was being repaired.
time to time (See from time to time)
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