Idioms: loose ends -- lose it

loose ends unfinished tasks, odds and ends "Finished making the dress?" "Almost - just some loose ends."
loose ends (See at loose ends)
loose ends (See tie up loose ends)
lord it over be the boss of, dominate a person/group When we were boys, my older brother tried to lord it over me.
lose a family member experience the death of a member of the family Poor Sadie. She lost her mother last year and a brother this year.
lose count forget how many you counted, lose track There were so many falling stars that I lost count.
lose favor lose a person's approval, in your bad books If you lose favor with reporters, you may lose the election.
lose ground slide back, lose power, fall behind Every day we lose ground in the battle to save the environment.
lose him get away from him, ditch him I can lose him at the mall - among the shops and people.
lose it become angry, lose your cool When he criticized you, I started to lose it. I almost hit him.
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