Idioms: the sin bin (hockey) -- the tail wagging the dog

the sin bin (hockey) the penalty box, cool your heels For tripping, hooking or holding you get two minutes in the sin bin.
the sky isn't blue something is wrong, there is a problem, clouds on the horizon One look at Jenner's face told me the sky wasn't blue. "What's wrong?" I asked.
the spice of life things that make life exciting Romance - for many people, it's the spice of life!
the spitting image one who looks like someone, a dead ringer Patty is the spitting image of her mother - same face, same hair.
the squeaky wheel gets the grease the person who complains loudest gets service Our clerks put up this sign: The squeaky wheel gets the grease!
the straight dope the truth, the facts, get to the point The cop said, "Gimme the straight dope, Shorty. I haven't got time for your stories today."
the straight goods the truth, the facts, straight talk Gimme the straight goods - the truth, that's all.
the strong, silent type a quiet and rugged-looking man Doris loves men like Jeff - the strong, silent type.
the sweet spot the best spot to touch, the spot that feels good Keep rubbing. When you find my sweet spot, I'll purr like a kitten.
the tail wagging the dog minority controlling the majority If criminals get more rights, the tail will be wagging the dog.
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