Idioms: lay you -- leak

lay you bet you, give you odds I'll lay you ten to one that Marc uses steroids. I'm sure he does.
lazy bones lazy person, a person who does not want to work If you don't want to work, we'll call you lazy bones.
lead a life have a style of living, have a way of life With your career and children, you lead a busy life.
lead foot (See heavy foot)
lead pipe cinch certain of the result, a foregone conclusion The Jets are a lead pipe cinch to win the game. They're better.
lead you down the garden path tell you a false story, give you a line He said the trip to Paris was free. He led me down the garden path.
lead you on promise good things, pretend to be good I know you love Jo, but she was leading you on. She loves Paul.
leaf out grow new leaves, in leaf She trimmed the branches before the trees began to leaf out.
leak allow people to know, tell the media Details of the program were leaked to a newspaper.
leak (See have a leak)
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