Idioms: skaters -- skip out

skaters skate boarders, boarders The skaters were asked to leave the downtown area.
skeleton in the closet unpleasant secrets, old scandals Every family has a skeleton in the closet - a dark secret or two.
skidaddle leave, go, off with you, vamoose "Get out of here! Skidaddle!" the old man shouted at the boys.
skids drug users, skids A few skids were playing video games at the mall.
skin virgin never had a tattoo, skin has not been tattooed Our club has no skin virgins. Every member has at least one tattoo.
skinhead youth with a short haircut, member of the Nazi Party Three skinheads shouted "Heil!" as they marched up the street.
skinny dip swimming naked, in the buff They took off their clothes and went for a skinny dip in the lake.
skins game gambling game, betting on who will win a game of golf, curling, etc. Jake would rather bet on a skins game than watch it.
skip classes miss classes, not attend classes, play hooky Riza had low grades in history because he skipped classes.
skip out take a leave, do not attend, duck out The students were so enthusiastic about math that nobody skipped out on the voluntary Saturday lesson.
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