Idioms: silver spoon -- sit in judgement on

silver spoon (See born with a silver spoon in his mouth)
silver-tongued nice-talking, smooth talker A silver-tongued salesman sold me this car, but I can't drive!
simmer down control your anger, chill out, cool off Simmer down, Sassy. You are very angry. Try to control yourself.
sin bin (hockey) (See the sin bin)
sing his praises praise him a lot, talk in glowing terms His mom is always singing his praises, saying he's a good boy.
sing up a storm sing loud, sing vigorously After dinner we gathered around the piano and sang up a storm.
single file a single row of people, one by one We marched single file through the prison door.
single out choose one person from a group Why does the priest single me out for extra duties? Why me?
sinking feeling feeling of failure; despair When I saw the ambulance at our house, I got a sinking feeling.
sit in judgement on judge someone's actions, evaluate Gary is afraid because you sit in judgement on whatever he does.
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