Idioms: sit the fence -- skate on thin ice

sit the fence not choose either side, try to be in the middle People don't like politicians who try to sit the fence.
sit tight not move, wait here I'll go and buy the hotdogs. You sit tight until I get back.
sit with you relate to you, appeal to you If we build a fence on your land, how would that sit with you?
sitting duck (See a sitting duck)
sitting pretty in a good position, in favorable circumstances Rich in oil and timber resources, Alberta was sitting pretty.
six bits seventy-five cents, 3 x two bits Grandfather told us that he used to pay six bits for a hotel room.
six of one, half a dozen of the other nearly equal, about the same, like twins Panasonic and Quasar are very similar - it's six of one, half a dozen of the other.
sixes and sevens (See at sixes and sevens)
size up evaluate, check over The teacher sized up the new student. He looked scared.
skate on thin ice (See on thin ice)
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