Idioms: shooting match -- short with me

shooting match (See the whole shooting match)
shop talk (See inside joke)
shop-floor struggle a battle for control in the workplace, a fight between workers and managers This is a shop-floor struggle about quality control. The workers want the right to choose the tools they use in the plant.
shoplifting stealing products from a store while you shop He's charged with shoplifting. He stole some cigarettes.
short cut a shorter path, a quicker method, quick and dirty To become an actor, you learn the skills and work very hard. There are no short cuts.
short end of the stick (See the short end of the stick)
short one (See a short one)
short strokes (See down to the short strokes)
short temper quick to become angry, hot tempered Dr. Jones has a short temper. He gets mad very quickly.
short with me cross, abrupt, curt, cut me off Mrs. Gore was short with me. I wonder if she's angry.
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