Idioms: hot and bothered -- hot ticket

hot and bothered upset, getting angry, ready to speak angrily You know that Dad gets hot and bothered when you stay out late.
hot goods stolen products, items obtained illegally I won't buy a watch from him because he sells hot goods.
hot hand (See a hot hand)
hot off the press paper that has just been printed As the boy handed me the paper he said, "Hot off the press!"
hot on the trail following the trail, looking for evidence The police are hot on the trail of the bank robbers.
hot on your heels following close behind, not far behind If you begin to run, the bear will be hot on your heels.
hot potato (See drop him like a hot potato)
hot stuff very popular person, very sexy person When Arlana was in high school she was hot stuff - very sexy!
hot tempered quick to become angry, lose your temper He's hot tempered - very impatient and often angry.
hot ticket (See a hot ticket)
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