Idioms: shoot-out -- shooting fish in a barrel

shoot-out a gunbattle, a duel Two men died in the shoot-out: one cop and one robber.
shoot the breeze talk, visit, chat, chew the fat Hank and I were drinking beer and shooting the breeze.
shoot the shit [B] visit, have a conversation, a chin wag The ladies went shopping, and the men sat around shootin' the shit.
shoot up inject an illegal drug, get a hit, do drugs One of the addicts was in the bathroom shooting up.
shoot up shoot guns to celebrate and scare people The cowboys used to get drunk and shoot up the town.
shoot-up shoot guns in the air without aiming Do you remember the shoot-ups in the old western movies?
shoot your mouth off talk without thinking, blab, squeal Moe won't shoot his mouth off. He won't tell anybody.
shoot your wad spend all your money, use all you have If you shoot your wad today, what will you spend tomorrow?
shoot yourself in the foot ruin your chances, cut off your nose..., your own worst enemy If you want the job, don't be late for the interview. Don't shoot yourself in the foot.
shooting fish in a barrel a task that is too easy, a game without challenge We won 18-2. It was like shooting fish in a barrel.
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