Idioms: shortchange -- shove down my throat

shortchange not return enough money to the purchaser, a rip-off I gave the clerk $10 for a book costing $6.95 and got $2.05 back. Was I shortchanged?
shortfall loss, deficit Shoplifting is one of the reasons for the shortfall - for the deficit.
shot worn, broken, ruined, had it When they returned my bike, the gears were shot - worn out.
shot in the arm (See a shot in the arm)
shot in the dark (See a shot in the dark)
should be so lucky one would be lucky if that happened, that would be very lucky Your goal is to find your bliss? You should be so lucky!
shoulder the blame accept the blame, take the rap The managers agreed to shoulder the blame for the error? Sure.
shoulder to shoulder working beside him/her, side by side Poet and peasant stood shoulder to shoulder during the war.
shoulder to the wheel (See put your shoulder to the wheel)
shove down my throat force me to accept it, force me to agree to that, eat that Our preacher said that babies are sinners. He's not going to shove that down my throat!
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