Idioms: the upper hand -- the whole shooting match

the upper hand the advantage, get the jump on Because you have graduated from college, you have the upper hand.
the way I see it my view of it, my opinion The way I see it, men and women aren't equal physically, eh.
the way to a man's heart is through his stomach feeding a man good food will cause him to love you, beauty is only skin deep "Do you believe the way to your heart is through your stomach?" "No, but you are a great cook!"
the way you hold your mouth it is a mystery; it could be the shape of your mouth; hold your mouth... "Why does the lock open for you but not for Joan?" "It's the way I hold my mouth."
the wheels fall off it breaks, it fails, fall apart When the coach is away, our team loses. The wheels fall off!
the whole ball of wax all related things, all that jazz, the whole nine yards Being in love means commitment, sacrifice, patience, understanding - the whole ball of wax.
the whole caboodle (See kit and caboodle)
the whole nine yards including all the work, doing the whole job, the whole ball of wax My goals include a degree, career, marriage, children - the whole nine yards.
the whole shebang everything, every bit/piece/person When the cable broke, the whole shebang fell in the river.
the whole shooting match everything, every bit/piece/person Wagon, horses, load - the whole shootin' match disappeared.
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