Idioms: shitty [B] -- shoot-out (sports)

shitty [B] bad behavior, awful, crappy He borrowed your car and took your girl? That's pretty shitty.
shmooze visit with, be friendly, rub shoulders with You don't have to sell wine. Just shmooze with the clients.
shoe-in (See a shoo-in)
shoes like boats very large shoes, gigantic shoes This guy had shoes like boats. I bet he could've walked on water!
shogun (See a shogun)
shoo-in (See a shoo-in)
shoot tell me, say it, I am listening, fire away "Do you have any news?" "No. Just a rumor." "Shoot. I love rumors."
shoot from the hip talk without thinking, run off at the mouth, shoot your mouth off Juan, my friend, if you tell a traffic cop to shove it, you are shooting from the hip.
shoot it out shoot at each other, shoot until one is killed The thief decided to shoot it out with the police.
shoot-out (sports) taking shots at each goal to determine the winner Sweden won the gold medal by defeating Canada in a shoot-out.
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