Idioms: your goose is cooked -- yummy

your goose is cooked (See goose is cooked)
your lip your sharp words, your bad replies I don't want any more of your lip, Son. Don't say no to me.
your number is up the time has come, it is your turn to die When your number's up, you go. That's how I feel about dying.
your own worst enemy hurt yourself, shoot yourself in the foot If you use cocaine, you'll be your own worst enemy.
your turn your chance, your try The clerk said, "Wait your turn. Wait until I can serve you."
yours truly me, myself, the writer or speaker The announcer said, "This is yours truly, Danny Burrows, saying goodbye for now."
yoyo fool, dipstick, jerk, nerd I was parking my car when this yoyo on a motorcycle started driving in circles around me.
yuk awful, gross, ugly When Jenny cooks beef liver, the kids say, "Yuk!"
yum it tastes good, I like it Yum! This soup is good!
yummy delicious, tasty I don't like J-Bars, but the kids think they're yummy.
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