Idioms: discombobulated -- do

discombobulated disturbed, bothered, upset When my dog hears a train whistle, he becomes discombobulated. He barks and howls.
discretion is the better part of valor be sensible when you are brave; be courageous but not reckless In all your battles, be brave but not foolish. Discretion is the better part of valor.
dish (See what a dish)
dish it out criticize, complain Jay can dish it out, but she gets mad if you criticize her.
disk jockey (DJ) radio announcer who plays recorded music Clare became a disk jockey with a radio station in Moose Jaw.
ditch him leave him, lose him, give him the slip I tried to ditch him at the mall but he held on to my hand.
ditto repeat it, write or say the same thing, back at ya, same to you "You jerk!" "Ditto!" "You creep!" "Ditto!" "Ditto!" "Double ditto!" "What!"
ditz fool, an airhead, jerk, nerd, nut You ditz! You put ketchup on my ice cream!
do (a speed) travel at a speed, drive at a speed of We were only doing 50 km per hour. That's the truth.
do (See hairdo)
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