Idioms: root of the problem -- round up

root of the problem (See the root of the problem)
rope into be asked to help, talk into helping We got roped into delivering posters because we have a car.
rot gut homemade liquor, hooch, moonshine If you drink that rot gut, you'll get sick. It tastes awful!
rotten to the core all bad, corrupt Hitler's regime was rotten to the core - corrupt.
rotter one who cheats or lies, dirty rat Hank, you rotter! You sold me a car that won't start.
rough and ready strong and willing, a game one For the oil-well crews, we need people who are rough and ready.
rough going difficult work, tough sledding It was rough going the first year. We had financial problems.
rough up beat a little bit, push and slap The leader roughed me up a bit because I lied to him.
round the clock (See around the clock)
round up bring together, chase into a herd Will you round up the kids and tell them to come inside?
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