Idioms: tough act to follow -- tough tarts

tough act to follow (See a tough act to follow)
tough bananas it is a problem for you, too bad, tough luck "I had to walk to school!" "Well, tough bananas!"
tough call (See a tough call)
tough customer a determined person, one who fights hard Remember John Ferguson? He was one tough customer.
tough going (See heavy going)
tough luck that is bad luck for you, tough bananas "I lost $100 betting on Tyson." "Tough luck, guy."
tough on me makes me work hard, hard on me My supervisor is tough on me - never satisfied with my work.
tough row to hoe (See a hard row to hoe)
tough sledding hard work, slow progress, heavy going, rough going We've had tough sledding on our building projects. Rainy weather has caused a lot of problems.
tough tarts (See tough bananas)
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