Idioms: roll in the hay -- root for

roll in the hay (See a roll in the hay)
roll off the tongue natural to say, easy to pronounce Podnzilowicz is a name that doesn't roll off the tongue.
roll out the red carpet welcome in a special way, show lots of hospitality We roll out the red carpet when the Queen comes to Calgary.
roll over and play dead not try, not compete hard, give up The coach said, "Don't expect the Jets to roll over and play dead."
roll their eyes eyes express boredom or disapproval When he told the joke again, the students began rolling their eyes.
roll with the punches be a flexible competitor, pick yourself up In politics you learn to roll with the punches and keep going.
rolling in it rich, wealthy, filthy rich, loaded "Is Erica rich?" "My dear, Erica is rolling in it."
rolling in the aisles laughing so hard they fall out of their chairs Robin Williams made us laugh. We were rolling in the aisles.
rolling stone (See a rolling stone gathers no moss)
root for cheer for, pull for Who are you rooting for - the Leafs or les Canadiens?
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