Idioms: put 'em up -- put away

put 'em up raise your hands, reach for the sky Merv sticks his finger in my ribs and says, "Put 'em up."
pussyfoot around not have the courage to say what you think, wimp "Say what you believe!" Marilyn shouted. "Stop pussyfooting around here like we're made of crystal!"
put 'er there let us shake hands, I want to shake hands with you After the argument, I apologized and said, "Put 'er there, eh."
put a bug in my ear told me secretly, a little bird told me "Who told you I need a wallet?" "Mom put a bug in my ear."
put a different slant on it change the way you see it, change your view, put things in perspective If you called the police because you thought I needed help, that puts a different slant on it.
put a hex on me bring a curse upon me, put me under a spell I haven't won a game of cards today. Did you put a hex on me?
put a lid on it do not be noisy, keep it down When we shout, he says, "Put a lid on it. Not so loud, eh."
put all your eggs in... (See all your eggs in one basket)
put an end to stop or end it, cause it to stop The policeman came and put an end to the fighting.
put away eat or drink, pig out Dennis has a good appetite. He put away ten pancakes!
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