Idioms: press into service -- pride goeth before a fall

press into service required to help, forced to serve The young men were injured, so the old men were pressed into service.
press on continue traveling, keep on going Dumont wanted to stop at Batoche, but he pressed on to Fort Carlton.
press the panic button become very scared, panic, freak If a dog growls at me, I press the panic button. I scream and run.
pretty as a picture very pretty, beautiful "How do I look in my new dress?" "Pretty as a picture, my dear."
pretty penny (See cost a pretty penny)
price out check the price of, find out the price Before we buy a European car, we should price out parts and service.
price you have to pay (See the price you have to pay)
prick [B] penis, dork, hoo-haw When the doctor asked me where it hurt, I pointed to my prick.
prick [B] foolish man, jerk Only a prick would feed liquor to his pet.
pride goeth before a fall you lose self-respect before you do an evil deed I think this proverb is taken from the Bible: Pride goeth before a fall.
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