Idioms: prima donna -- pub crawl

prima donna one who expects special treatment or privileges A prima donna on our team might upset the other players.
Prince Charming the perfect man, the ideal mate Colin is not Prince Charming, but I love him and he loves me.
proby an employee who is on probation, a new employee When I was a proby, I tried to impress my supervisors.
promise the moon promise that everything will be perfect If you promise the moon, the kids may be very disappointed.
pronto now, immediately, right away You'll miss your bus if you don't leave now. Pronto!
proof of the pudding... (See the proof of the pudding is in the eating)
props respect for ability or effort; derived from "proper respect" David deserves his props for scoring points against the champion.
psych out lose confidence, be unable to concentrate, faze me If I think about making a mistake, I get psyched out.
psyched/psyched up prepared, excited, pumped, up for it Claire was psyched for the exam. She was ready for the challenge.
pub crawl drink at many pubs in one day, bar hopping If you go on a pub crawl today, you'll have a headache tomorrow.
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