Idioms: a piece of my mind -- a play on words

a piece of my mind my criticism of what you did, a tongue-lashing If my son stayed out all night, I'd give him a piece of my mind.
a piece of piss an easy task, an easy thing to do, a piece of cake Changing the oil? A piece o' piss - I'll show you how.
a piece of tail [B] (See a piece of ass)
a piece of the action a share of the profit or prize or loot Those who paid for the winning ticket get a piece of the action.
a pig in a poke a risk, a gamble, taking a chance (see take a chance) If you don't test drive the car, you're buying a pig in a poke.
a pinch of coon shit [B] very little or no value, worthless That Rambler ain't worth a pinch o' coon shit. It's a lousy car.
a pinch of salt a bit of salt, the salt held between thumb and finger Hector uses a pinch of salt when he makes chocolate fudge.
a pinch to grow an inch on your birthday, guests pinch you to help you grow taller "Happy birthday, Sal. Here's a pinch to grow an inch!" "Ouch!"
a pine float a glass of water with a toothpick floating on the water "What's that?" "You ordered a pine float - a toothpick floating in a glass of water!"
a play on words a pun, a word or phrase that has two meanings When a man says he'll give you a ring, it may be a play on words.
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