Idioms: a.k.a. (aka) -- all hell broke loose

a.k.a. (aka) also known as, alias, go by the name of William O'Connor - a.k.a. Wil, Willie, Billy Boy - was born in Ireland.
all around Robin Hood's barn an indirect route, a roundabout way, a wild goose chase When Celia is the driver, we go all around Robin Hood's barn!
all decked out (See deck out)
all ears listening carefully, trying to hear everything When Dad mentioned hunting, I was all ears. I loved to hunt.
all eyes watching carefully, staring When the fire truck arrived, the children were all eyes.
all fired up eager, enthused, gung ho Ian gets all fired up when he sees Kari. There's love in his eyes.
all get-out (See as all get-out)
all goes well have good luck, have no problems I hope all goes well for you at college. I hope you succeed.
all hat and no cattle pretending to be important and rich, all show If a man buys things he can't pay for, he's all hat and no cattle.
all hell broke loose people did crazy things, everybody was fighting When the fire alarm sounded, all hell broke loose.
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