Idioms: one false move -- one-track mind

one false move one move to get away or call for help "One false move and you're dead," the gunman said to his hostage.
one fell swoop (See in one fell swoop)
one for the money, two for the show... prepare to go or run, children's countdown Before bedtime, Dad would say, "One for the money..."
one for the road one drink or kiss etc. before you leave If you have one for the road, have a cup of coffee (or a kiss).
one hell of a time one very difficult task, one major problem, a hell of a time I think that bull knew we were taking him to market. We had one hell of a time getting him into the truck!
one man's garbage is another man's art each person has different likes and dislikes, to each his own You pick up what somebody throws away, so one man's garbage is another man's art.
one man's meat is another man's poison one person likes what another person hates, to each his own Some people love his music; others hate it. One man's meat is another man's poison.
one of the boys a typical member of the group, a regular guy Roger is one of the boys, eh. He's always ready to play or help.
one on one one player against one player I like it when the coach lets us go one on one in soccer practice.
one-track mind tendency to think about only one subject My son has a one-track mind these days. He thinks only about cars.
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