Idioms: on speaking terms -- on the bright side

on speaking terms not friendly but saying hello etc. Louise and I are not friends, but we're on speaking terms.
on tap available from the tap on a keg of beer or ale There was a red neon sign in the window: COLD BEER ON TAP
on target done by the planned date, on schedule If we can complete the drawings by Monday, we'll be on target.
on tenterhooks carefully, cautiously, afraid to move He's cautious since his accident. He drives around on tenterhooks.
on the back burner to be done later, not as important The playground project is on the back burner until next spring.
on the ball smart, intelligent, bright, sharp Max has a lot on the ball. He can solve our problem.
on the bandwagon helping, supporting, on side Get on the bandwagon, folks! Our man is going to be Premier!
on the beat on the job, working, doing a task or assignment A journalist must be on the beat, working among the people and telling their stories.
on the books listed, accounted for Is it legal to sell items that aren't on the books - that aren't listed?
on the bright side positive, optimistic Chan is positive. He always looks on bright side of things.
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