Idioms: on the throne -- on thin ice

on the throne sitting on the toilet, in the john Archie's on the throne. He'll be down in a few minutes.
on the tip of my tongue almost able to recall, beginning to remember Her name is on the tip of my tongue. It begins with K.
on the up and up legal, within the law, not underhanded If a company gives away cars, can it be on the up and up?
on the verge close, nearly, almost doing it Our baby is on the verge of talking. She said, "Da-da."
on the wagon not drinking liquor, not getting drunk The old man is on the wagon. He promised he wouldn't drink.
on the wane decreasing, diminishing The number of men who smoke is on the wane. It's decreasing.
on the whole generally, considering the whole group or situation On the whole, women are making progress toward equal status.
on the wing flying, in flight Canada geese were on the wing, going south for the winter.
on the wing without a plan, creating as you go, wing it Paul can perform on the wing - he has a great imagination!
on thin ice in a risky position, in danger His grades are very low in this course. He's on thin ice.
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