Idioms: get off the ground -- get on your horse

get off the ground succeed at first, begin successfully For a new product to get off the ground, you need about $5000.
get off to a good start begin with success, start with confidence In Math 201, it's important to get off to a good start.
get off your high horse do not act like you are better than everyone else Colin acts so superior! Tell him to get off his high horse.
get off your soap box stop preaching to us, don't be such a crusader When Todd made a presentation on corporate charity, one of his co-workers said, "Get off your soap box, Todd!"
get on in years getting older, over the hill When Mother broke her hip, she was 77 - getting on in years.
get on it do it now, get at it, get to it Mr. Jarvis wants his car repaired by noon, so let's get on it.
get on my good side (See on my good side)
get on my nerves bother or irritate me, bug me Her questions get on my nerves. They're too personal.
get on with it continue working or speaking When I paused, he said, "Get on with it. Tell the rest of it."
get on your horse move, get started, get a move on Get on your horse or you'll be late for work. It's nearly 8!
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